Raine Love Code of Ethics


I always strive to be honest in my readings

Often clients call and want to find out information about relationships and struggles in their life.  I look at the situation and tell them what I see and what the possible outcomes and growth they will receive as they move along their life path.  Since all of us have free will, I believe it is important for the client to know the choices they have and the healing and growth they will receive from the situation.  I will be honest and tell them what I see, in spite of whatever information they have received previously to my reading.

I guarantee every reading

I believe in the information that I am giving in my readings.  I provide the information according to what I am receiving and guarantee that what I am giving to my clients is honest and accurate.

I will not bury my responsibilities with a lot of legal fine print

Many online psychics try to protect themselves with legal disclaimers so that they are not responsible for the information they give in their readings.  For example, they claim that the job they are doing is for entertainment purposes only.  I believe in giving the truth because that is what the client is ultimately seeking in their reading.  The only disclaimer that I have is what the state law requires me to have legally.

I will not trick or try to get information from my clients

I will ask my clients what the situation is and what their questions are so that I can honestly and quickly tune in to give them the answers and resolution they are seeking

I will not share information about any of the readings that I give

When a person contacts me for a reading they are sharing with me their most personal information.  I believe it is my professional responsibility to ensure that they feel confident that the information shared is between myself and them.  If for any reason I am placed in a position where I am ordered by a court of law I will only share the information I have, which is the transaction and the time of the appointment.  This is due to I keep no notes clients or recordings unless requested by the client.  If a recording is done with the reading, the client receives the only copy

I will not judge

I make every attempt to be non-judgmental with all of my clients.  Although the circumstances may be different with each individual, everyone is human.  We all make mistakes and we all go through trials in our lives.  It is through those trials that we often need guidance without judgment based on our differences and place in society

I will not predict anyone’s time of death

Sometimes a client will ask about their or someone else’s time of death.  I believe that by giving such information we are manifesting that out there to the universe and by voicing it we can affect the outcome.   Only God knows that information and it is my duty to the client to respect that

I will not use my gifts to control or manipulate another human being

We all have free will, therefore because this is our right as a human being to come here and experience what we have laid out in our life chart.  I will not assist someone in trying to manipulate another human being or situation for the desired outcome. 

I will not sell anything to a client other than the reading

Many times clients are told by readers that they have a dark entity around them or that a spell has been placed on them.  I will not try to sell you spells, rituals or any other curse removals.  You will only receive the reading that you paid for.  Remember that light always wins over darkness and you have the power within you.