Love Thyself


How often do we hear the term “you have to love yourself”!  The problem is we may recognize it and we feel that the reasons why things are happening to us is because we don’t love ourselves.  We just don’t know how to go about achieving that goal.


Self reflection is an important component to identifying where we need to make changes regarding self love.  Most of the time we are giving our power and time away to others and not giving enough time to ourselves.  Self love requires the understanding that you have to first give to yourself before you can adequately give to others.  If your Self Love Bank isn’t full then you have nothing to give to others.


Everyday it is important to take time for yourself.  This can be as simple as self grooming or getting involved in things that you have an interest in.  A wonderful way is to take time for yourself is to meditate and pray and clear out all the cob webs so you can receive the information you need to hear in order to make appropriate changes in your life.


If you are consistent in making sure that you are one of the people that you give value to everyday then the changes will come.  Each and everyone of us is specially created and brings value to this the universe.  Knowing comes from practicing it until it begins to sink into our minds and heart just how special we are.


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