Past… Present…..Future!!!!!!!!


Have you ever wondered why you continue to repeat certain patterns in your life?  What about attracting the same kind of relationships?  Perhaps you keep attracting people who abandon you emotionally or just leave you without explanation.


Often times we go through our lives trying to make changes within ourselves to stop these repeated patterns.  We recognize them, but are unsure of why the energy is so strong and the pattern is so hard to break.


Well each one of us comes into this life with a plan or an agreement that we have made ahead of time of lessons that we are working through to progress spiritually in this life time.  Those lessons are repeats of lessons that we have not completely worked through in past lives.


The idea is to recognize what those lessons are and then proceed to work through them.  This is not necessarily an easy task, but using different energies including past life regressions can be very helpful as you journey towards letting go and successfully breaking repeating patterns that have plagued your life.


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