Taking your Power Back

Have you ever known someone who is always talking about their problems and it is always someone else’s fault?  Of course you have, this is a common theme with most of us.  In fact it is a pretty safe bet that we ourselves are guilty of blaming others or situations for the circumstances we are in.  Yes we all have experiences where we feel we have been hurt by family members, friends or romantic partners.

Often after years of dealing with the people in our lives we can feel totally powerless.   We ask ourselves, “How can I get this person to treat me with the respect I deserve?”  Well the truth of the matter is that we attract the relationships we have.  It is not something that we are consciously doing.  However, this is where it is important to start taking a closer look at what we are getting out of our relationships with others.  Our relationships whether they are healthy or unhealthy are a direct correlation to how we as individuals view ourselves.


The only person that anyone of us has the power to change is ourselves.  This can be very difficult to accept because it requires

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